Aug 19, 2009

Craving for an Authentic Wada Pav !!!

Mumbai's answer to America's burger, the quickest on-the-go food, the cheapest snack, the most easily available thing to eat in Mumbai and most importantly a bite that no mumbaikar would want to miss. Wada Pav today is no more a 'hawker at the corner of the street' issue. It has got into this huge chain of hygiene business the most hit chains being Jumbo, KunjVihar and Goli.

I remember Kunj Vihar's first shop in Thane, where they sold these huge- almost double the size of Wada Pavs with Lasun chutney, for a mere Rs.5/-. In the past 5-6 years it became a totally different idea with coupons, packed chutney sachets, glove-geared salesmen and what not. But now I miss the authentic Lasun and Batata flavor in these glamorized Wada Pavs. :(

Today when my North-bound relatives come and ask, "Arre ek badhiya Wada Pav khilaao", I am left over in a dilemma of finding a place that has been giving a good Wada Pav consistently. Because in the end I just hate to hear, "Itna accha nahi tha ye, pichhli baar zyada accha khilaya tha na".

Recently I explored two new Wada Pav varieties which I need to give a special mention about.
  1. Batata Wada between bread slices- yes it is actually served like that and it tastes really good.
  2. Masala Wada Pav- It is almost fried in a lasun/tomatoe/onion masala and you will never opt for a second for a few days after you eat it, as it fluxes in a stream of butter. But we all know that taste and calories always go hand in hand. So neva mind!!!
For the best Wada Pav in Mumbai, I have always heard a lot about Ashok Wada Pav from prabahadevi, Prashant Corner in Dadar, a few from Vile Parle, but my search for a Wada Pav which I can label 'Aamchi Mumbaicha Beshht Wada Pav' still continues.

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  1. Hey Loved your post.
    In UK I always miss vada pav when its nice raining with cold wind and craving for food having less money in pocket. Sometimes i feel why can't they start international fast food chain of that, i bet its 100 times better that that M.